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Date: Mar 03, 2016

BMBF Project CMM Slide Research and development program GEOTECHNOLOGIES

The project „Characterization, monitoring and modelling of landslide-prone hillslopes (CMM-SLIDE) – Towards improved early warning of slope instability using near real-time monitoring with geophysical and wireless sensor network data and physically-based hydromechanical models“ is granted by the BMBF through the research and development program GEOTECHNOLOGIEN, starting at 01.06.2015 for three years. Project partners are the institute for Bio- and Geosciences (IBG 3) and the central institute for electronic systems (ZEA-2) of the research center Jülich, as well as the Institute for water- and environmental system-modeling of the university of Stuttgart. The Beteiligungsgesellschaft Düren mbH and the Rurtalbahn GmbH are also stakeholders of the project.


The overall objective of the present project is to develop an early warning system for slope instability based on the integration of model predictions and near real-time monitoring. The proposed approach involves the development of an improved inversion scheme for the imaging of water content and water flux dynamics from time-lapse ERT, IP, and SP data. In combination with a robust wireless sensor network technology combining sensors for slope movement and key hydrological parameters, and a quantitative model-data fusion strategies to merge these multiple streams of data with physically-based hydromechanical models, we want to enable an assessment of slope instability risk.

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