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Johannes Kenkel and Andreas Kemna (2014)

Anisotropic complex conductivity inversion

In: 3 rd International Workshop on Induced Polarization.

In spectral induced polarizati on, impedance measurements at multiple frequencies are used to derive the subsurface spatia l distribution of complex electric al conductivity by means of an inversion algorithm. Presently, these algorith ms assume an isotropic complex electrical conductivity. However, as has been shown already for DC conductivity inversion, the assumption of isotropy can yield misleading or unnecessarily complex results (e.g. Nguyen et al. 2007). We propose a new inversion approach supporting an isotropic complex electrical conductivity distributions. The algorithm is based on CRTomo (Kemna 2000), an established code for isotropic complex electrical conductivity inversion. We present a synthe tic study which highlights the improvements and limitations of an anisotro pic complex conductivity inversion approach.