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This folder holds the following references to publications, sorted by year and author.

There are 61 references in this bibliography folder.

Flores-Orozco, A, Williams, KH, and Kemna, A (2010).
Monitoring redox processes with spectral induced polarization in a stimulated bioremediation experiment
In: 1st Int. Conf. Frontiers in Shallow Subsurface Technology, Delft, January 20-22.

Krautblatter, M, Verleysdonk, S, Flores Orozco, A, and Kemna, A (2010).
Temperature-calibrated imaging of seasonal changes in permafrost rock walls by quantitative electrical resistivity tomography (Zugspitze, German/Austrian Alps)
Journal of Geophysical Research: Earth Surface, 115(F02003).

Mueller, K, Vanderborght, J, Englert, A, Kemna, A, Huisman, JA, Rings, J, and Vereecken, H (2010).
Imaging and characterization of solute transport during two tracer tests in a shallow aquifer using electrical resistivity tomography and multilevel groundwater samplers
Water Resources Research, 46(W03502).

Terakawa, T, Zoporowski, A, Galvan, B, and Miller, SA (2010).
High-pressure fluid at hypocentral depths in the L'Aquila region inferred from earthquake focal mechanisms
GEOLOGY, 38(11):G31457.1.

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Relationship between low-frequency electrical properties and hydraulic permeability of low-permeability sandstones
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Dependence of spectral-induced polarization response of sandstone on temperature and its relevance to permeability estimation
Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth, 115(B09214).

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Spectral induced polarization for the characterization of free-phase hydrocarbon contamination of sediments with low clay content
Near Surface Geophysics, 7(5-6):547-562.

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Critical steps for the continuing advancement of hydrogeophysics
EOS, Transactions American Geophysical Union, 90(23):200.

Flores Orozco, A, Williams, KH, Kemna, A, Campbell, KM, Kukkadapu, RK, Peacock, A, and Long, PE (2009).
Delineating subsurface zones of natural bioreduction using the complex resistivity method
In: Eos Trans. AGU, ed. by Am. Geophys. Union, vol. Fall Meet. Suppl. 90(52)(Abstract H53B-0923), pp. B923.

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Near Surface Geophysics, 7(5-6):529-545.

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Controlled changes in grain size and pore characteristics and their impact on the hydraulic conductivity and spectral induced polarization response of proxies of alluvial sediments
In: SEG Expanded Abstracts 28, ed. by Soc. Expl. Geophys., pp. 1365-1369.

Koestel, J, Kasteel, R, Kemna, A, Esser, O, Javaux, M, Binley, A, and Vereecken, H (2009).
Imaging Brilliant Blue Stained Soil by Means of Electrical Resistivity Tomography
Vadose Zone Journal, 8(4):963-975.

Koestel, J, Vanderborgh, J, Javaux, M, Kemna, A, Binley, A, and Vereecken, H (2009).
Noninvasive 3-D Transport Characterization in a Sandy Soil Using ERT: 2. Transport Process Inference
Vadose Zone Journal, 8(3):723-734.

Koestel, J, Vanderborght, J, Javaux, M, Kemna, A, Binley, A, and Vereecken, H (2009).
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Characterization of seawater intrusion using 2D electrical imaging
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Energy Consideration in Accelerating Rapid Shear Granular Flows
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Geophysical Monitoring of Coupled Microbial and Geochemical Processes During Stimulated Subsurface Bioremediation
Environmental Science & Technology, 43(17):6717-6723.

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Characterization of bimodal facies distributions using effective anisotropic complex resistivity: A 2D numerical study based on Cole-Cole models
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Modelling eruption cycles and decay of mud volcanoes
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A comparison between Gauss-Newton and Markov-chain Monte Carlo-based methods for inverting spectral induced-polarization data for Cole-Cole parameters
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Complex conductivity of water-saturated packs of glass beads
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Miller, SA (2008).
Note on rain-triggered earthquakes and their dependence on karst geology
Geophysical Journal International, 173(1):334-338.

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