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Geophysics projects

The lithosphere encompasses the solid outer shell of the Earth, ranging in thickness from zero kilometers at mid-ocean ridges to more that 200 kilometers in old plate interiors. Understanding the mechanics and physics controlling the lithosphere is essential because it controls not only natural hazards such as earthquakes and volcanoes, but also plays a critical role in the recycling of life-sustaining elements of carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.

The Geophysics group uses measurements of gravity, wave propagation, and geo-electric fields to infer earth properties on scales ranging from near-surface aquifers to deep lithospheric properties.

The Geophysics group concentrates on the development and use of non-invasive physical measurement techniques to detect and characterise structures and processes occurring in the shallow subsurface of the earth (up to 100 m depth).


The main research provides electric and electromagnetic methods, in particular tomographic techniques for visualisation and monitoring. Hydrological, environmental geological and geodynamical problems (e.g. monitoring of salt-water intrusion or remediation), which are of high pertinence concerning the protection of our soil and water resources, are to be investigated.

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