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Research mission

Research foci of the Geophysics Section at the University of Bonn comprise geophysical imaging methods, modeling of coupled flow and transport processes in porous and fractured media, and integration of process models and geophysical data through petrophysical models. Applications in these fields are manifold and include soil / aquifer characterization, monitoring of subsurface flow, transport and biogeochemical processes, in the context of water management, contaminated site characterization / remediation, soil-root interactions, permafrost characterization, enhanced geothermal systems, mud volcanoes, and slope (in)stability.

Research Topics



Geophysical Modelling

Geophysical Imaging and Monitoring


TR32 - TransRegional Collaborative Reserach Centre 32

Concluded Projects

FOR 1320 - Crop Sequence and Nutrient Acquisition from the Subsoil

iSoil - Interactions between soil related sciences

ModelPROBE - Model driven Soil Probing, Site Assessment and Evaluation


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