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Teaching Geophysics

Programms, Courses and Theses offered by the Geophysics Section

Degree programms

Master Physics of Earth and Atmosphere (PEA) - for more information concerning application, requirements, deadlines etc. please see this site

Master Geosciences and Bachelor Geosciences - for more information visit the Institute


If you intend to write your Bachelor Thesis in Geophysics, you should plan your B.Sc. Geosciences studies carefully:

Choose courses as follows:

  • 2. Semester: Basics in Mathematics and Physics, Modules BNP 22&23
  • 3. Semester: Further Mathematics and Physics practical, Modules BNW 25&26
  • 3. Semester: Introduction to Meteorology&Geophysics, Module BW 36
  • 4. Semester: Global Geophysics, Module BW 46
  • 5. Semester: Applied Geophysics, Module BW 56

Choosing Geophysics as main subject in M.Sc. PEA you will write your Master Thesis with the Geophysics group. Please join our Research seminar in your second semester and get to know our research topics.


Are you a M.Sc. Physics student? We also offer theses for you!

Interested? Please contact Prof. Andreas Kemna.


Master level courses:

  • Hydrogeophysics, Applied Hydrogeophysics
  • Geodynamics, Tectonophysics
  • Inverse Modelling

Bachelor level courses

  • Applied Geophysics, Global Geophysics
  • Introduction to Meteorology&Geophysics

Join our Research Seminar for more insight into our research topics!

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