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Research Seminar

Schedule for winter term 2022/23

You are interested in participating, in person or online?
Please write an email to zoporowski(at)
Thu 13.10.
  • Info meeting
Thu 3.11.
  • Nanke Caliebe: Vortrag über Chen et al. 2022 "Increased Water Content in the Active Layer Revealed by Regional-Scale InSAR and Independent Component Analysis on the Central Qinghai-Tibet Plateau"
  • Leonie Dessau: Vortrag über Ciracì et al. 2020 "Continuity of the Mass Loss of the World's Glaciers and Ice Caps From the GRACE and GRACE Follow-On Missions"
Thu 10.11.
  • Carla Vermöhlen: Vortrag über Vergopolan et al. 2022 "High-Resolution Soil Moisture Data Reveal Complex Multi-Scale Spatial Variability Across the United States"
  • Mehmet Karaesmen: Mastervortrag
Thu 1.12.
  • Benedikt Peter: Vortrag über White et al. 2022 „Fundamental Ingredients of Australian Rainfall Extremes“
  • Franka Schlieter: Bolós et al. 2020 "Internal Structure and Hydrothermal Fluid Circulation of Parícutin Volcano, Mexico: Insights Gained From Near‐Surface Geophysics"
Thu 8.12.
  • Daria Pankova: Geoelectrical characterization of an open-system pingo: Lagoon pingo, Svalbard
  • Fällt aus - Larissa Reineccius: Modeling of the soil-root system and the electrical response
Thu 15.12.
  • Rebecca Schlegel (Swansea): "Identification of subglacial properties from round-penetrating radar measurements"
  • Jonas Limbrock: "Conversion of Cole-Cole model parameters from permittivity into conductivity formulation - an update"
Thu 12.1.
  • Joost Hase: "Updates on TD-FD conversion of IP data based on Debye decomposition"
  • Niklas Heidemann: "GeoIT, Scientific Computing and updates"
Thu 19.1.
  • Arne Mansfeld
  • Kristoffer Kerkhof: "Unlocking the Secrets of Gravitational Waves"
Thu 26.1.
  • Larissa Reineccius: Modeling of the soil-root system and the electrical response
  • Valentin Michels: Rhizotron-scale investigation of crop-root electrical relationships using EIT - a lab report
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