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Research Seminar

Schedule winter 2021/22

Thu 14.10.
  • Info meeting
Thu 21.10.
Thu 28.10.
Thu 4.11.
  • Arne Mansfeld: Complex conductivity evolution during calcite precipitation in sandstone
Wed 10.11. 13:30h (!)
  •  Fiona Dorn (RWTH Aachen): Cryo-NMR on rock samples to determine temperature-dependent fluid water and ice content
Thu 18.11.

Thu 25.11.
  • Maximilian Weigand: Spatio-temporal reconstruction of crop root systems using electrical impedance measurements
Thu 2.12.
  •  Joost Hase: TD-FD conversion of IP data based on Debye decomposition
Thu 9.12.
  • Valentin Michels: Monitoring root growth of winterwheat at the field-scale using sEIT
Thu 16.12. 

Thu 13.1.
  • Niklas Heidemann: Monitoring of SP and Magnetotellurics - in context of E-TEST and the detection of gravitational waves
Thu 20.1.
  • Jonas Limbrock: Estimation of ice content by broadband SIP measurements
Thu 27.1.
  • Daria Pankova: 
Thu 3.2.
  • Larissa Reineccius:  
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